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In today’s world, urbanization is growing in a faster way with impactful socio-economic changes. More employment makes people more engaged at work stations in home & abroad. For that reason, they can hardly manage time to take care of their old parents, senior citizens or children who are struggling with sickness, physical challenges, disabilities, etc. This makes them really anxious who are extremely career oriented working persons.

To bring enlightenment with better solutions, here we, ICI, bring epoch-making changes to take care of your nearer persons by providing qualified & Government certified caregivers, nurses, medical assistance for stress-free family life. We provide highly skilled certified medical experts at your doorsteps as well as on demand necessities on a daily/monthly/yearly basis as per your need where our experts can be able to serve you in 8/12/24 hours.

IDEAL CAREER INSTITUTE has been highly trusted across the countries for the last 9 years with a huge satisfaction rate because of maintaining the quality, security & safety measures. We believe in quality service to ensure world class caregiving services. We have our own training center where we train people to make qualified caregiver, medical assistants who get certified by the Bangladesh Government. So, we employ only certified medical experts in services to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Mission: Our mission is to enlighten a sustainable healthcare system with well-trained medical experts for the complete caregiving solutions.

Vision: To instill optimism and contribute to health and well-being by offering the finest treatment possible to each patient undertaking the complete responsibilities to ensure stress-free as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Goals: To ensure collaborative approaches among certified healthcare professionals (i,e nurses, caregivers, medical assistant) with systematic approaches to manage diseases and health risks and improve wellbeing.