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Rasheda Akther
Class Name : Caregiving Skills Child CareCaregiving Skills Dementia Care
  1. Provide Motivational and Basic Counseling to the Clients and Family.
  2. Work in a Team Environment.
  3. Interpret Basic Knowledge of Care Giving.
  4. Communicate Effectively with Clients, Family and Team.
  5. Assist Clients in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).
  6. Perform Clinical Care Giving Activities.
  7. Provide Social Care and Recreational Supports to the Clients.
  8. Provide Care and Supports to Elderly & People with Special Needs.
  9. Respond to First Aids and Emergencies.
  10. Practice Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Procedures.
  11. Perform Health Screening.
  12. Provide Care and Support to the Children.
  13. Caster Physical Development Children.
  14. Foster Social Intellectual Creative and Emotional Development of Children.
  15. Provide Care and Support to the Infant and Toddler.